If you’re a quilter, then you love notions! You probably have a favorite ruler, favorite rotary cutter, favorite seam ripper (or at least a go-to seam ripper), and so many tools that you love to use! But what is the history behind these tools? Who created them? Where did they come from? What is their story?

Carolina Moore is a professional quilter and big fan of notions! Her first stop at a new quilt shop is always the notions wall, and she owns over 100 acrylic rulers… in addition to inventing some of her own must-have notions. Carolina Moore is the creative mind behind the Spot on Dot, Boxed Bag Template, Foundation Piecing Water Pen, and Cut Anywhere Tabs… and she has more creative notions in development. She set out on the journey to sit down with other notions creators and hear their stories.

Each season will be 15 episodes, released over 5 weeks. That’s 3 binge-worthy episodes each week for you to enjoy.